District 155 (M AP )
Counties: Irwin,Ben-Hill,Coffee and parts of Turner and Tift Counties

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Georgia State RepresentativeJay Roberts'message to you.

"We have to continue to fight for rural Georgia because there are fewer and fewer Representatives from the rural part of this great state. Some of the issues..."  Read More >>

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Posted on 2014-03-15 Capitol Updates

Weekly Capitol Report March 10-14, 2014

For our great nation, the symbol of our hard fought freedom is our flag. I believe our flag should be flown with respect...

Posted on 2014-03-06 Newsflash


State Rep. Jay Roberts has announced he will seek re-election as the State Representative for House District 155 in the ...

Posted on 2014-02-21 Capitol Updates

Weekly Capitol Report February 17-21, 2014

The return of spring-like weather allowed state legislators to reconvene at our state's capitol for a productive week of...

Posted on 2014-02-07 Capitol Updates

Weekly Capitol Report February 2-7, 2014

It was very good to get back to work at the State Capitol after the temporary closure due to the inclement weather last ...

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